Suite of Tests

Dar Scott dsc at
Sun Oct 22 14:23:38 EDT 2006

On Oct 21, 2006, at 4:37 PM, Ian Wood wrote:

> Each individual stack in the suite can write out results that are  
> specific to that stack, without the managing stack having to know  
> anything about those specifics. Each person can then concentrate on  
> logging the information that they need, rathere than how to pass  
> that info back to the manager.
> We can then make the manager stack as generic as possible, with a  
> minimal framework of commands going back and forth.

I would want to compare platforms and versions.  I would want to take  
the output of such stacks and see if any indicated a failure in a  
pass/fail test.  How would that work?

> Could be a good topic for the conference.

That would be a good topic and if not a formal one, a good one for  
breakfast and tours.  I am so envious!


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