revDeleteFolder: nothing in Trash on MacIntel?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Oct 21 19:58:20 EDT 2006

Hi Bruce,

The docs may be considered wrong in several ways, where Mac OS X is  
concerned. RevDeleteFolder doesn't use AppleScript but the shell. It  
uses the rm shell command, which deletes files and folders and  
doesn't move them to the trash. To move a folder to the trash, you  
might use the revMoveFolder command. The behaviour is the same on all  
Mac OS X machines.

FYI, there is no revDeleteFile command, use the delete file command  
instead. The revDeleteFolder and the delete folder commands to the  
same thing. In my opinion, there is a bug, the issue being that  
revDeleteFolder should actually move and not delete a folder. Maybe  
the docs are actually correct saying that the revDeleteFolder command  
behaves differently than it currently does.

If you want, you can repair this yourself by changing the  
revDeleteFolder handler of button revCommon of stack revLibrary,  
using some applescript syntax or simply the revMoveFolder command.




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Op 21-okt-2006, om 16:31 heeft Bruce A. Pokras het volgende geschreven:

> Hello group,
> According to the docs, the revDeleteFolder command is supposed to  
> put the deleted folder in the Trash:
>      "On Mac OS and OS X systems, the revDeleteFolder command  
> places the folder in the Trash."
> However, on my iMac Core 2 Duo, the folder simply disappears.  
> Nothing shows in the Trash. This is great for the application that  
> I am working on. The script creates a folder for downloading  
> individual pages of a patent. Those pages are then combined into a  
> single PDF files that is saved in the parent folder. Then the  
> script uses revDeleteFolder to get rid of the folder contaiing the  
> downloaded pages. For multiple patents, the user will not end up  
> with a Trash full of folders.
> So I am wondering if anyone else has seen this. Also, is the  
> command working as descrbed in the docs on a PowerPC Mac, or are  
> the docs simply incorrect?
> Regards,
> Bruce Pokras
> Blazing Dawn Software

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