Trouble setting a substack to topstack Help please.

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Oct 21 16:21:33 EDT 2006

Dave Herndon wrote:

> Mainstack calls substack2 with the modal substack2, show substack2
> commands.  Substack2 is a bit larger window that pops on top of the
> mainstack and rup runs a different query to show a different view of
> the same data.  Substack2 now calls substack1 with the modal
> substack1, show substack1 commands because it wants to edit the data.
> It pops up fine and data is re-inserted into the database. Now comes
> the problem...  I cant get the screen in substack2 to refresh with
> the same method as the mainstack.  Sending mouseup to the refresh
> button in substack2 or calling a handler in the stack script of
> substack2 cant be done because the topstack reverts back to the
> mainstack as soon as substack1 is hidden. Setting the topstack to
> substack2 only works if i use the path

> ( set the topstack to "substack2 of stack mainstack.rev" )

I'm not sure I follow it all, but try setting the defaultstack rather 
than setting the topstack. There's a difference.

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