Suite of Tests

Dar Scott dsc at
Sat Oct 21 14:54:36 EDT 2006

On Oct 20, 2006, at 8:29 PM, Ian Wood wrote:

> Rather than callbacks, I'd probably go for things being called from  
> the openstack handler with results being written to a text file  
> with the same name as the test stack. That way you just launch each  
> stack and don't have to worry too much about communication.

But isn't writing to a file a form of communication?  I would think  
that 'return' or 'send' are simpler, however there is always a chance  
those are broken, but unlikely at the same time.  Saving to a file  
does sound like it could fit into a collection of communication methods.

I think of this as being beyond just a way to document a bug.  One  
might use this for testing and characterizing a wide range of  
features.  That would require organization.  The stacks you suggest  
might be put into a folder with a readme or something.  Or tests  
could be put on cards, one per card.  There might be other ways to  
organize this.


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