Multimedia Authoring - Quicktime Dead?

GregSmith brucegregory at
Sat Oct 21 10:22:17 EDT 2006

As far as the simplest solution for authoring in "standalone" QuickTime
format, whether for web presentation or anything else, given the available
interactivity built into QuickTime, itself - Cleaner 6.5, (for Mac), and, I
believe Cleaner XL, (for Windows) seems to be the ticket.  Outrageously
priced if you were buying this product for the limited interactivity it
offers, but you would also get all of those wonderful compression routines
and batch processing along with it. 

Now, here is an example of a small fish being swallowed by a bigger fish who
was, in turn, swallowed by an even bigger fish.  Terran Interactive was
gobbled up by Discreet who was utterly consumed by AutoDesk, the Atlantic
cod of software distributors.

The interactive features that Cleaner quickly makes authorable are: 
Hotspots that allow jumping to a given time or simply to play from the time
of the Hotspot to the next pause, (pause is also a feature), or to
substitute one movie in place of the one playing, or open a URL.  It
supports "Chapter" markers with accompanying text blurb, text tracks,
markers and keyframes.

But even with all of this functionality, QuickTime, and the authoring
packages that support it, just doesn't compare with the kind of
interactivity possible with Flash and its associated authoring tools.  Just
as an example, for the life of me, I can't find any way to author a simple
"rollover" button within an interactive QuickTime movie.  This just wipes me
out.  Or, keeping the movie looping within a certain series of frames until
an event happens - what gives?  

I like QuickTime better, since it really is a kind of operating system, in
itself.  You can put almost any kind of media in a QuickTime movie, and it
plays on iPods, for crying out loud.  Somebody, somewhere is missing a
couple of golden opportunities, if you ask me.

Greg Smith
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