Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Heather Nagey heather at
Sat Oct 21 05:18:01 EDT 2006

Dear List members,

First, an apology from me: I just don't have time to read this list  
like I used to. I miss you all and the great conversations here, but  
I have to focus first on direct customer support and other  
activities. I'm still list mom, but I have delegated a certain amount  
to others.

Ok, so. Bill. Please, please please, write to support.

support at

Believe it or not, we WANT to hear from you. If you, or anyone else,  
is unhappy with a new Rev release, any new Rev release, and most  
particularly if it is CRASHING on you, WE NEED TO KNOW. If you  
haven't got time or don't know how to use bugzilla, at least send a  
heads up to support. We'll follow it up as best we can, we'll try and  
help you pin down why it is crashing, and if necessary we'll make  
that bugzilla report ourselves. Yes, it has to arrive in bugzilla  
somehow, eventually, or the dev team may miss it. We love people who  
use it themselves - that url again

but we do understand that some people don't have time or don't know  
how to use it. We still need to hear about your problems. Its nice to  
get email saying how wonderful Rev is (and we do get that too!) but  
what we need is the problems, because if we don't know, WE CAN'T FIX  
THEM. Yes, sometimes some members of the team read this list, but its  
not a substitute for a bugzilla report. We can't afford to let the  
dev team spend their precious time on reading lists and trying to  
collate maybe bug reports and sift them out from code errors by the  

I don't know how many of you here also get the newsletter... another  
url coming up...

but if you do read that, you'll know that in addition to our inhouse  
testing, the wonderful improve list and bugzilla, we are adding  
conference focus groups to our beta testing. We realise that actually  
seeing you guys using the program is incredibly valuable. If I can  
persuade any more of you to join us in Malta (Bill??) I'd be thrilled  
and so would the team. We need you! Rev needs you! Please come, there  
is still time!

If anyone else here is interested in joining a new intensive beta  
test program, please email me, at support at, and we'll see  
what can be set up in terms of remote testing as well as hands on  
focus group testing.

We care. We do fix things we can reproduce. We keep on keeping on  
because you are all great, because Rev is great, and because Rev +  
Users = Great New Software. We aren't perfect, and neither is Rev,  
and everyone on this list is human ... sometimes we rub each other  
the wrong way, but we're all here to move forward. Lets do that!

warm regards to all

Heather Nagey
Customer Services Manager and listmom
Runtime Revolution Ltd

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