capture still frames -- try Windows Movie Maker

Martin Baxter mb.userev at
Sat Oct 21 04:43:43 EDT 2006

Hi Erik,

I did try this initially, but Windows Movie Maker does not natively open 
.VOB files (says they're unsupported). I have since learned that .VOB is 
nearly the same as mpeg2 and it's actually possible to change the 
extension to mpg and it WMM will open them. Ah, if I'd known then what I 
know now....

Still VideoLan is worth having

Epimethean greetings

Martin Baxter

Erik Hansen wrote:
> To capture still frames -- try Windows Movie Maker.
> You can make a photo file easily.
> Erik Hansen
> If you're on a mac, you can do a screen grab, cmd shift 4 and select the area
>> A client has sent me some video on DVD. The files have the extension
>> .VOB. I can play them in Windows Media Viewer no problem, but I'd
>> like to be able to grab individual frames for use in Photoshop or
>> whatever. Anyone know if this is possible? And er, if so how it can
>> be done.
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