Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Oct 21 00:48:01 EDT 2006

Bill Marriott wrote:
> Someone mentioned crash logs... I don't know where to 
> find those. (Is that a Mac-only feature, or a Rev 2.7.x option I 
> overlooked?)

Mac OS X has excellent crash reporting built directly into the OS which 
can be retrieved and emailed by the user, but Windows isn't so good. So 
Rev has built a utility into version 2.7 that will help Windows users 
also create log files.

For anyone who has crashes, here is what you do to retrieve and send the 
crash logs to support:

Mac OS X: Logs are created automatically by the OS, you don't need to do 
anything special. You can access them by opening the Console application 
and clicking the Logs button at the upper left. (You can also get to the 
same place by clicking the "More Info" button in the crash error dialog 
that appears immediately after a crash.) In the list of applications 
that appears, select Revolution. All the crashes that have ever occured 
since the last time you cleared the list will be in there. Runtime 
doesn't need the whole list, just look for the last entry. That's the 
crash you just had. Copy that out and send it. Each entry starts with a 
series of asterisks and a date stamp.

Windows XP: From within Revolution, open Revolution's Preferences in the 
Edit menu and tick the checkbox at the bottom of the General pane called 
"Crash reporting on Windows XP." Set the popup to Medium (that's as high 
as it goes.) This will produce a verbose log. Restart Revolution to 
activate the feature. The next time you crash, your log file will be in:

Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Runtime 
Revolution/Revolution <edition type>/Crash Logs

Send the relevant portion to support or paste its contents into a 
Bugzilla report.

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