Bill's Boycott - was Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1 (Vista Install)

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat Oct 21 00:25:15 EDT 2006

so, you're not even an Enterprise user....and yet complaining about 
update costs...sheeesh.

Sorry, this is not a hobby for me, I'm serious about this thing. 
Quite frankly, compared with what I am able to do with Rev, the 
license is quite fair.

Isn't the fact that many of us are paying even more for Enterprise, 
stepping up to the plate, and getting involved mean something? Or do 
you think we are fools for doing so?

I don't see our top developers... Chipp, Richard, Trevor, Andre, Dan, 
et al complaining anywhere near what you do and they still can turn 
out great cross platform apps and they all contribute to the overall 
good of the group.

They don't get paid for the bug reports they send in or the advice on 
this why do they do it? I'll tell you. It's called 
community. Perhaps you need to come to a Revcon someday to see how 
that works.

Jacque took several minutes to answer your concerns -- sure she's an 
investor and adviser, but I doubt she gets paid by the hour to answer 
your questions like she just did a few hours ago. She did it because 
she knows the product, she's a great teacher and she's passionate 
about it and truly wants to help others.

One can't buy that kind of dedication.

At 22:15 -0400 10/20/06, Bill Marriott wrote:
>system... and for people to test/migrate their apps, but honestly I'm tired
>and I don't particularly care if you're convinced on this minor point. But I
>should know what I'm talking about; I'm an MSDN member and Vista beta
>tester. And yes, I have filed bug reports for it.

You're probably 'certified' too, whatever that means...
And yet you don't file bug reports for Rev.....isn't that disingenuous?
Tell me this -- do you ever get direct communication back from a 
human from Microsoft regarding your specific problems?

I know that Marcus has acknowledged,responded personally and 
addressed several issues I've taken the time to clearly demonstrate. 
This is what the small company can do for us that MS can't.

Like I said, you'll get what you put back into it. This thing is too 
complex to maintain and repair without good feedback and info.


>No, in order to be a beta tester, you have to be an Enterprise licensee
>(i.e., pay through the nose for the privilege). Actually, it seems we're
>supposed to keep paying for Rev update packs even if the releases are beta
>quality. Oh, plus work as much on troubleshooting and bug reporting for Rev
>as we do on our own products.

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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