Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1 (Vista Install)

Bill Marriott wjm at
Fri Oct 20 22:15:46 EDT 2006


I'd post links to sites where Microsoft includes in its beta/preview 
objectives preparing developers and end users for the new operating 
system... and for people to test/migrate their apps, but honestly I'm tired 
and I don't particularly care if you're convinced on this minor point. But I 
should know what I'm talking about; I'm an MSDN member and Vista beta 
tester. And yes, I have filed bug reports for it.

Mark Wieder wrote:
>> asked since Beta 2 (end of May). The whole point of an extended beta 
>> program
>> is to get developers ready... to give them time to migrate their code or 
>> to
> Nope.
> The point of a beta release is to get a wider target for finding
> problems before an actual release. People on beta programs expect the
> beta software to be somewhat buggy and are so warned ahead of time.

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