WER (was Re: Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1)

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Fri Oct 20 21:53:12 EDT 2006


this is not an attack, it's a simple question. I don't usually use  
windows. In Mac OS X we have some nice report tool for errors too, we  
can choose to send the error report and also to save it to a text  
file. In extreme cases, I can send this file for the RunRev support  
team or even attach it to a bug in Bugzilla control.

This now is purely fictional but I think RunRev team is not using WER  
because it can't afford to tap into proprieatary single platform  
tech, they can create a stack to trap errors and send it to them and  
it would work cross-platform. If the case is something that brings  
the whole engine down (I have some problems like that sometimes),  
then you can step in with the debugger and isolate where the problem  
is. If you can't workaround it, then, you can create a recipe for  
that bug and post to RevOnline and post an announcement to this list,  
we can then by collective goodwill try that and see if your problem  
can be replicated, after that we can set bugzilla full of votes on  
your trouble.

The engine is very solid, it's hard to bring the engine down and not  
to be able to isolate how it is going down. I would help you test  
your bugs on macintoshes if I could...

One dirty old trick is to output debug info to a text file while you  
go to your exit routines so you can isolate where the thing explodes  
and start bleeding.


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