Problem with hiding taskbar and RR 2.7.4?

William de Smet wdesmet at
Fri Oct 20 09:46:52 EDT 2006

Hi there,

I use the 'hide menubar' script in my latest app and it works fine on
OSX but not on Windows XP. After searching the documentation I noticed
I have to use 'hide taskbar' to have the same result on Windows XP but
it doesn't work. The app is made with RR 2.7.4!

It gets stranger because on another app I used the same code 'hide
menubar' and that works fine on OSX and WIndows XP. That app was
compiled with RR 2.6.1!

Is this a bug or has something changed?
Can someone confirm my 'problem'?


William de Smet

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