shortcut problems

Henk van der Velden henk at
Fri Oct 20 08:01:09 EDT 2006

Thanks Klaus, Mark, Dave,

I turned out the "Start in" field of the shortcut files was empty. As  
soon as I put the proper URL into this field, everything worked OK.

Shortcuts can be created by using "New > shortcut". One can also  
create a shortcut by right clicking on a file and selecting "Copy to  
 > Desktop". In the last case the 'Start In" field gets its proper  
value automatically. In the first case it is left blank. I still have  
to check whether short cuts created by Revolution have this property  

Thanks for your help,

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> From: Dave Cragg <dcragg at>
> Date: 16 oktober 2006 13:02:14 GMT+02:00
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> Subject: Re: shortcut problems
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> On 16 Oct 2006, at 10:47, Henk van der Velden wrote:
>> We did some testing. It turns out that the program sometimes  
>> thinks the defaultURL is the URL of the desktop where the shortcut  
>> is located (C:/Documents and Settings/carels/Bureaublad) instead  
>> of the folder where the program is located (//Bellefleur/M-schijf/ 
>> Leerlingen/de dijk/hardinxveld.exe). How can this be? What can be  
>> done about it?
> Klaus and Mark have given good tips about how to get round the  
> problem.
> The original cause of the problem probably lies in the shortcut  
> files. If you check the "properties" of the shortcut files from  
> Windows Explorer, you will find a "Start In" field. This field  
> determines the working directory (i.e. default directory) when your  
> application starts. This should normally point to the directory  
> where the linked file is located. But depending on how the  
> shortcuts are made, it may just point to the desktop.
> Some installer maker programs that make shortcuts require you to  
> set this property specifically. I've been caught out a number of  
> times by forgetting to set it.
> Cheers
> Dave

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