Open Letter to Rev: Quality Is Job #1

Bill Marriott wjm at
Fri Oct 20 05:44:35 EDT 2006

It gets sent to Microsoft, but not ONLY to Microsoft.

Windows Error Reporting is a FREE service specifically designed for software 

"Using the WER service is like having thousands of testers reporting bugs on 
your company's applications. You can monitor error trends and download debug 
information to help your developers determine the precise causes for 
application errors. WER categorizes and prioritizes your data for you, and 
includes a response feature to provide solutions to your end-users." --  

See also

and for a laugh,

I guess if the software vendor doesn't take advantage of WER then you would 
be correct.

"Ian Wood" <revlist at> wrote 
in message news:CCA3BCB6-0A19-4734-9518-DBB069A44D76 at
> I can't really comment on the rest as the 2.7 cycle seems pretty  stable 
> on OS X, but as far as I know those error reports get sent to  Microsoft - 
> not to the application vendor. 

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