Multimedia Authoring - Quicktime Dead?

Luis luis at
Thu Oct 19 18:58:45 EDT 2006

Well, not sure if this applies in any sense whatsoever, it uses the  
Theora codec:  but it does show how others are  
approaching the field.

Theora can also be played through VideoLAN:
Might make the case for an External to manage playback via VideoLAN  
and bundle it into a Rev app. I haven't seen the API, but being Open  
Source I'd imagine it'd be fairly,!

Would that classify as a starting point for a Multimedia Authoring app?



On 19 Oct 2006, at 22:37, GregSmith wrote:

> Dan:
> No, not according to the documentation.  For any movie  
> interactivity you
> need the freely distributable player.  For static QuickTime, you  
> don't.
> Sure, if you can influence anybody over there to fix the drop  
> shadow default
> and allow an interactive web demonstration of a MovieWorks movie,  
> I'm all
> for that.
> Really, there is an open source opportunity for the kind of project
> authoring I'm needing.  But, if it takes years to complete, I'm not  
> waiting.
> If someone put together a program of MovieWorks elegance and  
> simplicity and
> functionality which allowed the addition of "while you watch"  
> narration,
> (during the authoring process), totally customizable titling, (as you
> watch), with customizable drop shadows, basic "in-movie" navigation  
> as well
> as "extra-movie" navigation and linking, all for the low, low price  
> of . . .
> nothing . . . I think they'd have something there.  What they would  
> gain by
> releasing it freely, I have no idea.  But, even if they released it  
> for the
> low, low price of . . . $129 . . . or thereabouts . . . they'd  
> still have
> something there.
> Greg Smith
> Sounds like a real opportunity for an Open Source project to compete,
> doesn't it?
> Hmmmmmmmm
> Presumably you've talked to the MW guys about your drop-shadow  
> problem? The
> guy who founded the company and who, last I checked, was CEO, is  
> someone I
> know reasonably well. I can probably get his attention if that  
> would help.
> (I'm not sure you're right about the need to include the player, by  
> the way.
> I think you can export your titles to MP4, e.g., and then they'll  
> play in
> any QT/Real or presumably other MP4 player, no?
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