Quicktime Multimedia Authoring - Nearly Dead?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Thu Oct 19 18:04:15 EDT 2006

I'm friends with the VP of Quicktime at Apple.

If someone can gather all the complaints and needs in one document 
point-by-point, I can make sure he's aware of your concerns and can 
perhaps tell us what's in the future for Quicktime without blowing an 
NDA. He also might be aware of some new QT based authoring products 
in the pipeline.

Glenn was VERY bullish about and proud of the product, and I'd expect 
he's have a really good answer. It's worth a try. He was concerned 
and disappointed when he found Realaudio files on my sites!


>However, it should be noted you are speaking from a Windows perspective.
>>In my quest for finding the ultimate multimedia authoring tool, 
>>I've come to the tentative
>>conclusion that QuickTime, (as far as an authoring platform is 
>>concerned), is falling so far
>>behind that it could soon be considered "dead".  Apple, the very 
>>folks who should be
>>promoting solutions for interactive QuickTime haven't done 
>>anything, themselves, for years.
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