Multimedia Authoring - Quicktime Dead?

GregSmith brucegregory at
Thu Oct 19 17:37:28 EDT 2006


No, not according to the documentation.  For any movie interactivity you
need the freely distributable player.  For static QuickTime, you don't. 
Sure, if you can influence anybody over there to fix the drop shadow default
and allow an interactive web demonstration of a MovieWorks movie, I'm all
for that.

Really, there is an open source opportunity for the kind of project
authoring I'm needing.  But, if it takes years to complete, I'm not waiting. 
If someone put together a program of MovieWorks elegance and simplicity and
functionality which allowed the addition of "while you watch" narration,
(during the authoring process), totally customizable titling, (as you
watch), with customizable drop shadows, basic "in-movie" navigation as well
as "extra-movie" navigation and linking, all for the low, low price of . . .
nothing . . . I think they'd have something there.  What they would gain by
releasing it freely, I have no idea.  But, even if they released it for the
low, low price of . . . $129 . . . or thereabouts . . . they'd still have
something there.

Greg Smith

Sounds like a real opportunity for an Open Source project to compete,
doesn't it?


Presumably you've talked to the MW guys about your drop-shadow problem? The
guy who founded the company and who, last I checked, was CEO, is someone I
know reasonably well. I can probably get his attention if that would help.
(I'm not sure you're right about the need to include the player, by the way.
I think you can export your titles to MP4, e.g., and then they'll play in
any QT/Real or presumably other MP4 player, no?

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