Multimedia Authoring - Quicktime Dead?

Lynn Fredricks lynn at
Thu Oct 19 14:44:45 EDT 2006

> In my quest for finding the ultimate multimedia authoring 
> tool, I've come to the tentative conclusion that QuickTime, 
> (as far as an authoring platform is concerned), is falling so 
> far behind that it could soon be considered "dead".  Apple, 
> the very folks who should be promoting solutions for 
> interactive QuickTime haven't done anything, themselves, for 
> years.  The two applications that I find to be the most 
> advanced QuickTime authoring solutions, (LiveStage and 
> VideoClix), haven't done anything to make their packages 
> attractive to new authors, not in years, either.  Visiting 
> the LiveStage website reveals that they are now focusing on 
> being content providers, themselves, rather than offering an 
> authoring solution for others.  When emailing the VideoClix 
> people for some technical answers, I get no response at all.

A lot of functionality is dependent on Apple continuously improving and
adding to the Quicktime APIs. It seems any efforts at improving Quicktime
have been in just improving compression to clarity and export targets.
That's all Apple's tools really need. The last really cool interactivity I
thought they added was Cubic VRs.

I don't think QT is going to die but Id guess any future improvements will
follow the market with the biggest wallet.

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Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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