searching list archive via Google gone wrong

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Thu Oct 19 10:25:08 EDT 2006

Mostly, I don't ask for help on this list because I have found that  
searching the archive via Google usually brings an answer (that and  
the great documentation esp. in earlier versions of Rev - trust me,  
after struggling with Applescript last week, I really, really  
appreciate both xTalk and the Rev docs more).

Anyway, I've noticed recently that a) Google searches of the list  
seem to be bringing up useful results less and less often.  Maybe my  
needs are changing, but in any case there is definitely something  
wrong with the Google results.  Clicking on a returned result takes  
one to an entry in the list, but it is the wrong entry.  Clicking on  
Google's cached copy of that page takes one to the right page.

I don't know if the problem is Google's or Runrev's.  But I just  
thought I'd bring it up, in case anyone else has noticed anything  

Bernard Devlin

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