Hacking: rev cgi's and other languages (ie php) together

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Wed Oct 18 22:38:12 EDT 2006

I"ve been playing with some hacks using Rev cgi"s and php scripting. And
thought I'd send out some notes for ideas and feedback:

1) First we can use iFrames - a Rev or any cgi can create the html required
to fit inside the iFrame
2) We can use Server Side Includes (SSI)
3) We can use language specific calls to shell or cgi's on most often the
local server. See below for an example in php:


            virtual ("ssi.shtml");

        <br />

            $output = shell_exec('./test.cgi');
            echo "<pre>$output</pre>";


Note - for "virtual" to work php must be ruing as a module and "shell_exec"
is often disabled by ISP's if they run php as a module - so it is often one
or the other.

 3) You can use sockets to comunicate with a long running Rev process (see
Pierre"s work)
 4) Ay more?

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