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Flavel Steve stevef at
Tue Oct 17 17:32:18 EDT 2006

On 18/10/2006, at 4:46 AM, Dave Herndon wrote:

> I converted over some stack from  rev 1.1 to 7.3 and I went through  
> a process of slowly stripping down the stack until I could get it  
> to print.  The culprit seemed to be fields with the table object  
> feature chosen and the Baseline text feature chosen.  It would bomb  
> revelution every time.  Once removed it prints no problem.  Then I  
> went to the clients network loaded the stacks on the file server  
> with my standalone engine on the local HD.  Print command bombs rev  
> every time.  I am thinking it may be the printscale .50 command  
> or ?  It prints on my laptop fine and it prints on another clients  
> network no problem. Any sugestions.
If you have a visible scroll bar, then hide that before printing.

>    Also. I have had a problem which I have worked around now for a  
> couple years now.  Same set up with files on server and standalone  
> on each local hard drive.  I can't save the files to the server.  I  
> have to set the defaultfolder to the hard drive, save the file  
> there and then rename it back to the file server location.  If I  
> try and save it on to the folder on the file server it times out.   
> Do ya think its looking for the engine ?
>   Your help appreciated
>   Dave
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