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On 10/17/06 11:34 AM, "John Vokey" <vokey at> wrote:

> Rev Graphics Gurus,
> I have two general questions (which ultimately will evolve into many
> more).  I need to manipulate the contents of images in Rev in two ways:
> 1) I need to average, pixel by pixel, two images (of the same size)
> before display of that average.  So, the question is: how do I access
> the individual pixels of the two images?  Do I load them as binary,
> and then locate the pixels (somehow) within the binary objects?  Load
> them as images, and then (somehow) access Rev's internal representation?

Check out the imageData, alphaData, and maskData properties of an image. For
a quick "tutorial", see this tip:
> 2) I need the end user to be able manipulate within Rev under user
> control the RGB of CMYK settings of an image (e.g., increase B, while
> decreasing R, and so on) much like the RGB and CMYK sliders in the OS
> X Colors palette, and then apply (on the fly) those new settings to a
> displayed image.  Any suggestions even to get me started will be
> helpful.

Can't help you there...

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