Rev Graphics Gurus

John Vokey vokey at
Tue Oct 17 12:34:01 EDT 2006

Rev Graphics Gurus,
I have two general questions (which ultimately will evolve into many  
more).  I need to manipulate the contents of images in Rev in two ways:

1) I need to average, pixel by pixel, two images (of the same size)  
before display of that average.  So, the question is: how do I access  
the individual pixels of the two images?  Do I load them as binary,  
and then locate the pixels (somehow) within the binary objects?  Load  
them as images, and then (somehow) access Rev's internal representation?

2) I need the end user to be able manipulate within Rev under user  
control the RGB of CMYK settings of an image (e.g., increase B, while  
decreasing R, and so on) much like the RGB and CMYK sliders in the OS  
X Colors palette, and then apply (on the fly) those new settings to a  
displayed image.  Any suggestions even to get me started will be  


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