Reacting to shell commands?

Ian Wood revlist at
Tue Oct 17 08:56:24 EDT 2006

On 17 Oct 2006, at 13:49, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Ian,
> When you launch a standalone from the command line, you can submit  
> parameters with the command. These parameters are in variables $1,  
> $2,... $n.

Where would these parameters be handled in the standalone? Digging  
through the docs, relaunch seemed to be the only route, meaning the  
app gets launched and then in a second step the filepath etc. would  
be passed through.

> The relaunch command is a good option. I'm about to do this myself  
> but haven't done so yet. It would be nice to trick Revolution to  
> make it think that a second instance of the standalone was launched  
> while in reality the command line was used, but I don't know if  
> this is possible.
> If you want to communicate between standalones, you could use sockets.

It's going to be communication between my app and a third-party app,  
presumably Visual Studio as it's Windows-only.



> Best,
> Mark

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