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Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Oct 17 06:34:20 EDT 2006

David Bovill wrote:
> Isn't this thread ending up at the solution I posted earlier - ie there are
> now robust cross platform AJAX libraries for this sort of thing - they look
> great and they work:
>  Take a look at lightbox:
> _______________________________________________
David, Aloha from beautiful Kauai where temperatures are dropping
now to a cool 70 degrees as fall progresses

I missed your post just hours after I completed a Rev solution...

See the URL to my solution. and my general queries about web dev.

I'm very interested in your comments.

OT: our island was not affected adversely by the earthquake.
The news is tending to blow things way out of  proportion...
Oh, how CNN loves "a disaster... " but all is well in Hawaii.

We simply experienced a few tremors.. A novelty as trees shook
off the rain from the previous evening even though there was no wind
Anyway, our Mata Bhoomi ("Mother Earth") is doing her belly dance all
day long, every day, so, if one day you are nearby, well, be grateful
She gives you Life, Breath and Food.


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