CGI - OS X problem

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Tue Oct 17 01:18:01 EDT 2006

Hi All,

I'm just getting started with CGI under OS X. Many thanks to Jacque
for the wonderful tutorial which has got me a long way.

Now I have a problem because my cgi script has to access a folder in
the Documents folder of the computer running the script. When testing
the Rev stack, I had no problem because I used
specialFolderPath("docs") and got there every time. In the cgi, this
function call gives an error.

Trying to use $USER or $HOME to get enough data to build the folder
path myself doesn't work either. It doesn't cause an error, but
doesn't give my any data.

So does anyone know how I can get the path to the Documents folder, or
the current users name when running Rev as a cgi?


P.S. Just in case others run into the same problems I did, stacks
saved in Rev 2.7 format will not work as CGI stacks because the Darwin
Rev CGI stack is an older version. You have to save in legacy format
before they will work.

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