IDE gone unstable with stack menu change

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Mon Oct 16 21:50:59 EDT 2006

Thanks to Jacqueline and Chris. They both gave me clues.

What I did to fix it was simply delete the menu group entirely. When  
you do that Rev asks if you want to move everything back up and  
delete the objects. I said no and it didn't move anything but it did  
delete the menus. I don't know which objects it was talking about as  
I can't seem to find any left over.

I then recreated the menu (it wasn't very extensive) with the scripts  
I had saved before the deletion.

It did move my header group quite a bit down (the wrong amount) but  
this time it didn't seem to mind me moving it back where it belongs.  
So far, so good.

I'll try to make a feature request for the Menu Builder to offer not  
to move things. I have a feeling that this trips up a number of folks  
and it looks like Rev knows how to prevent the problem.

Bill Vlahos

On Oct 16, 2006, at 2:16 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> Bill,
> One trick I've learned that keeps the other controls from shifting  
> up is to hide your menu group first, and then set as menubar on Mac  
> OS. Of course, if this app has to run on Windows as well, you'll  
> have to show the menu group via your code if the platform is  
> "Win32". Otherwise, no menus. :-) But this has worked for me in the  
> past. I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or "undocumented feature" or  
> what, or whether or not it will always be possible, but for now it  
> has gotten me out of a couple pickles myself.
> hth,
> Chris
> On Oct 16, 2006, at 2:14 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:
>> I have been happily developing a stack with menus. To make life  
>> simpler with the IDE I didn't have them "Set as menubar on Mac OS"  
>> in the Menu Builder dialog box. This put the stack menus on the  
>> screen but left the IDE menus available for me to use and has  
>> worked great up to now.
>> I'm about finished with the stack so I checked the box then all  
>> hell broke loose.
>> 1. Everything shifted up when the menus were removed. I sort of  
>> expected this and thought that I could simply move everything down  
>> appropriately and get on with life. (BTW it would be nice if it  
>> didn't shift everything up.) Perhaps there is a way to avoid this.
>> 2. As I start to move things back down, dragging the fields,  
>> buttons, etc. sometimes it works but sometimes it leaves trailing  
>> images. Also the screen doesn't update itself properly (blank  
>> areas where there should be something and/or editing a group shows  
>> objects not in the group). These almost always result in the IDE  
>> crashing. Sometimes reopening the last saved version of the stack  
>> (which looked ok before the save) opens the window much shorter  
>> than what it should.
>> I'll contact RunRev about this for support but I'm in a pickle on  
>> this and was wondering if anyone else has seen this and, even  
>> better, has a fix for it.
>> I've tried on a different computer thinking my copy of Rev had  
>> suddenly gone off but the problem persisted so I think the stack  
>> is getting corrupted somehow. Developing on Mac OS X latest  
>> version and Rev latest version all Transcript (i.e. no externals  
>> etc.).
>> Bill Vlahos
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