IDE gone unstable with stack menu change

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Mon Oct 16 16:14:40 EDT 2006

I have been happily developing a stack with menus. To make life simpler 
with the IDE I didn't have them "Set as menubar on Mac OS" in the Menu 
Builder dialog box. This put the stack menus on the screen but left the 
IDE menus available for me to use and has worked great up to now.

I'm about finished with the stack so I checked the box then all hell 
broke loose.

1. Everything shifted up when the menus were removed. I sort of 
expected this and thought that I could simply move everything down 
appropriately and get on with life. (BTW it would be nice if it didn't 
shift everything up.) Perhaps there is a way to avoid this.

2. As I start to move things back down, dragging the fields, buttons, 
etc. sometimes it works but sometimes it leaves trailing images. Also 
the screen doesn't update itself properly (blank areas where there 
should be something and/or editing a group shows objects not in the 
group). These almost always result in the IDE crashing. Sometimes 
reopening the last saved version of the stack (which looked ok before 
the save) opens the window much shorter than what it should.

I'll contact RunRev about this for support but I'm in a pickle on this 
and was wondering if anyone else has seen this and, even better, has a 
fix for it.

I've tried on a different computer thinking my copy of Rev had suddenly 
gone off but the problem persisted so I think the stack is getting 
corrupted somehow. Developing on Mac OS X latest version and Rev latest 
version all Transcript (i.e. no externals etc.).

Bill Vlahos

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