revVideoGrabber broken?

Richard Miller wow at
Mon Oct 16 13:45:53 EDT 2006


Agreed. It would be problematic to expect that Rev's videograbber  
function will work with most video cameras. I would find it important  
to test any possible camera first. And yes about VDIG. I simply meant  
that, at least with the Unibrain cameras, it's not necessary to  
install VDIG as well.


On Oct 16, 2006, at 1:35 PM, Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Oct 16, 2006, at 8:57 AM, Richard Miller wrote:
>> We have no problem using VideoGrabber under Windows XP. It's a  
>> basic component of our program. All aspects of it work perfectly.  
>> Quicktime works fine. Vdig is not necessary. Files need to be  
>> saved as .avi's... NOT .mov's on a PC. We use Unibrain firewire  
>> cameras ( I can give you specific coding if you  
>> want it.
> Richard,
> Unibrain firewire cameras apparently come with a VDIG (capture  
> driver for QuickTime).  Without the VDIG you can't get a camera to  
> work with QuickTime.
> If you have control of the cameras people are using then obviously  
> this isn't a problem and the Rev Video Grabber would work great.   
> If you are creating an app that people will use whatever camera  
> they have available then relying on QuickTime capture can be  
> problematic.  Even the VDIG I pointed Klaus to won't give you  
> optimal video capture performance.
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