revVideoGrabber broken?

Trevor DeVore lists at
Mon Oct 16 13:35:59 EDT 2006

On Oct 16, 2006, at 8:57 AM, Richard Miller wrote:

> We have no problem using VideoGrabber under Windows XP. It's a  
> basic component of our program. All aspects of it work perfectly.  
> Quicktime works fine. Vdig is not necessary. Files need to be saved  
> as .avi's... NOT .mov's on a PC. We use Unibrain firewire cameras  
> ( I can give you specific coding if you want it.


Unibrain firewire cameras apparently come with a VDIG (capture driver  
for QuickTime).  Without the VDIG you can't get a camera to work with  

If you have control of the cameras people are using then obviously  
this isn't a problem and the Rev Video Grabber would work great.  If  
you are creating an app that people will use whatever camera they  
have available then relying on QuickTime capture can be problematic.   
Even the VDIG I pointed Klaus to won't give you optimal video capture  

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