revVideoGrabber broken?

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 16 12:58:11 EDT 2006

Hi Richard,

> Klaus,
> We have no problem using VideoGrabber under Windows XP. It's a  
> basic component of our program. All aspects of it work perfectly.

aha, good to know.

> Quicktime works fine.

Hm, as I said, REV crahes every time when I try to get the  
"revvideograbdialog" dialog
with QT on windows. But maybe that's just my old TV card I use for  

> Vdig is not necessary. Files need to be saved as .avi's...  
> NOT .mov's on a PC.

Very valuable hint, thanks.

> We use Unibrain firewire cameras ( I can give you  
> specific coding if you want it.

Maybe I will get back to your kind offer later, thanks.

> Richard Miller
> Imprinter Technologies


Klaus Major
klaus at

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