revVideoGrabber broken?

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 16 10:50:43 EDT 2006

Hi Trevor,

> On Oct 16, 2006, at 4:08 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>> C'mon! Noone ever tried the Video Grabber on a PC???
> I haven't but I have looked into it a bit.  Be aware that using  
> video capture with QuickTime on Windows is not fun.

Ha, the understatement of the year :-D

Actually it hard-crashes REV every time I try.

> Very few (if any?) cameras will work with QuickTime on Windows.   
> One interesting thing to note is that QuickTime Pro for Mac  
> supports video capture but not QuickTime Pro for Windows.  It has  
> to do with the technology that QT uses for video capture.
> You can look at if you  
> really need to use QT capture on Windows.
> If you end up using VFW (I think directx works as well but I don't  
> think it is documented) with the video grabber then you may have to  
> support QT/MCI playback for Windows.  This isn't too bad if you  
> create a wrapper library to branch between using the built-in  
> player or the equivalent MCI commands.

Thanks alot for this very useful info!

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