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On 10/15/06 8:58 PM, "Dar Scott" <dsc at> wrote:

>> Personally, I think that newbies should be exposed to all forms of
>> Revolution programming so that they can make their own decisions on
>> how they
>> want to code.
> I am of two minds about this (beyond the passive "should be" and the
> notion that example keeps people from making "their own decisions").

Actually my point was the opposite: that examples *help* people to make
their own decisions.

> I think folks can learn Revolution programming without be exposed to
> all "forms".

As do I; but the more information there is the more informed a decision one
can make (IMHO).
> Richard might encourage hungarian notation which I think is silly,
> but I use lots of little functions, which Hurcules might find hard to
> read, but he might use lots of unquoted literals, which Ken avoids,
> but he likes the hungarian notation that Richard uses.


> (One time Richard and Ken gave a talk on style and I threw food
> at them,  telling them to keep their morals out of my code.  In
> reality, they were not forcing anything and I was feeling guilty of
> neglecting a clear style, and was "irate" because of that guilt.
> So, I just threw candy, and script the way I want.)

And we certainly enjoyed the candy!

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