msql insert new record

Robert Mann robmann at
Sun Oct 15 19:14:19 EDT 2006

have a update code that works great, with some held form this list

put "UPDATE rider SET "&updateColValListOf123Pairs&" WHERE record_id = '" &
fld "record_id" & "'" into tSQL

how would I change this to insert a new record

get   "fcomp = " &'& fld fcomp &'
get it & ",freb = " &'& fld freb &'
get it & ",fctgmods = " &'& fld fctgmod &'
put it into updateColValListOf123Pairs

put "INSERT INTO rider "&updateColValListOf123Pairs&" " into tSQL

the above does not seem to work?

any help would be greatly appreciated


Robert Mann

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