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Sat Oct 14 23:36:05 EDT 2006

Dar Scott wrote:
> I fully recognize that there are different creation styles and what 
> works for one might not work for another.  I am curious about 
> abbreviations, though.
> I sometimes take shortcuts in scripts but for the most part, if it is an 
> example on this list or a script for someone else or I might look at it 
> again, I try to avoid scripts that are hard to read.
> I get the impressions that lots of folks use abbreviations.
> I didn't realize this at first and in learning to use Revolution I 
> ending up abbreviating only two places (I think).  I abbreviate 'char' 
> and--since I have trouble remembering color properties--I might 
> sometimes use a color property that is an abbreviation.  (My 
> abbreviation of 'char' has nothing to do with C.)  Maybe I abbreviate 
> other places but don't know it.  For me, 'card' and 'graphic' are easier 
> to read and type than 'cd' and 'grc'.  I saw a 'grc' once in a script 
> and didn't know what it was.
> I am curious.  Is this so the text editor window can be narrower or 
> expressions longer?  Is this kind of a club recognition signal?  Is this 
> easier to type for those who use these.  I suppose I could get used to 
> typing and reading them, so I don't want to make too big of a deal about 
> their being harder to read and type.  What about scripts delivered to a 
> customer?
> Have I just indicated that I'm not a true xTalker, uh, card-head or 
> whatever one is?

Interesting question. I've used abbreviations for 20 years and I have a 
lot of trouble writing out the whole words. To my brain, "cd" reads 
naturally. If there's an abbreviation available, I generally use it. I 
wonder how much time I've saved by leaving out the "ie" in all my field 
references over 20 years.

I think some of it is for space saving, but most of it is for ease of 
use; I resent some of the long words that were implemented into the 
language, and always look for shorter ways to type them. I hate typing 
stuff like "relayerGroupedControls". It just takes too long. I think I'd 
make a good unix person if I ever really got around to using that OS; 
they name everything with three letters or less. I like that. "Set the 
rgc to true." Nice, short, easy.

I'm tempted to say that yes, you can't be a true card-head (love that 
term) without typng abbrevs for wds but wht do I kno.

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