Context-free error messages during debugging

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sat Oct 14 19:31:15 EDT 2006

One of the most irritating aspects of debugging in Rev (or in Galaxy  
for that matter) is that there are circumstances (usually when a rev  
app starts up) when you can get an error in the message box, such as

> Message execution error:
> Error description: Chunk: can't find card

with no other context given, i.e. the IDE's debugging display is not  
invoked. This seems absurd, since the engine can't have interpreted  
the script all without knowing which line of which script it was  
executing, as well as the name of the object it can't find (in the  
example above): so this info could and should (IMO) be provided to  
the developer.

Does anyone know

a) exactly under what conditions this type of error occurs;

b) if there is a workaround (apart from simply stepping through every  
line of script) to find the context of the error.



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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