Undocumented Features of Runtime Revolution

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Sat Oct 14 09:58:23 EDT 2006

You're adding this to (The) Wikipedia? C'mon now.... I don't think that's 
appropriate in the least; in fact it's an utter abuse of Wikipedia. It 
violates their "no original research" rule and the "Wikipedia is not an FAQ" 
rule. I personally also believe it violates the "Wikipedia is not a soapbox" 

You didn't supply a decent starter list. You didn't even supply an 
undocumented "feature" -- the one item you list is at best a bug. File it in 
Bugzilla. Wikipedia would quickly become a piece of crap if every minutia of 
every little program out there had its own page.

I suggest you read


And then I hope you will be responsible enough to delete the article 
yourself. (If you don't, I will mark it for such.)

If you want to avoid being jumped on, try not doing inane things like this.

Richmond Mathewson wrote
> At the risk of being jumped on (again) by the RR
> community, I have set
> up a Wiki page on the Wikipedia for these:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undocumented_Features_in_Runtime_Revolution
> I should be most grateful if everybody could add their
> wisdom to it. 

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