textColor misbehaving?

Devin Asay devin_asay at byu.edu
Fri Oct 13 19:12:29 EDT 2006

On Oct 13, 2006, at 1:08 PM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Thank you all so much for your helpful suggestions.
> In the end I plumped for Devin Asay's method.
> Now, being the type of person I am (cough, cough):
> I would like to know WHY the method which is described
> in the Documentation didn't work . . .

I don't know what part of the documentation you're referring to, but  
maybe the docs make the (sometimes faulty) assumption that no other  
styles, colors, etc. have been applied to the text within the field.  
Maybe a candidate for a documentation correction?


Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
Brigham Young University

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