cards of a bg not recognized !?

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Oct 13 13:58:03 EDT 2006

On Oct 13, 2006, at 3:33 AM, André.Bisseret wrote:

> In the message box if I ask :
> there is bg "frame2"
> --I get  "true"
> If I ask :
> there is last cd of bg "frame2"
> --I get "false"
> If I ask :
> the number of cd of bg "frame2"
> -- I get "0" ; In fact I have more than a hundred cd with this bg ?

This is a wild guess.

Maybe those more-than-a-hundred-cards have a background with a  
slightly different name.  The other name "frame2" might apply to a  
background that still exists in the stack if the last one on a card  
was removed instead of deleted.  (Backgrounds belong to the stack.)

Move to a card with no groups and look at the names on the Place menu  
item and see if a different one shows up.  Or check the name of your  
group with the property inspector.


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