is this weird or is t me?

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Oct 13 12:21:47 EDT 2006

Buongiorno Barry,

> After following the discussion in the subject line on masking and  
> disabling buttons,I tried a few scenarios to see what all the  
> hassle was about.
> The result was a little stack for trying out the possibilities  
> discussed (I think) and I have uploaded it to My Space.
> (Don't know how to link you to it from here - user name BarryB)
> Although I am sure it will be of no interest to those who took part  
> in the discussion,I thought it might be to any other beginners in  
> Revolution who maybe as thick as me. If any! ;-)
>  Oh! if someone can tell me how to reset the scrollbar on a text  
> field to the top when leaving the card, I should be very grateful  
> and will update it.

on closecard
   set the scroll of fld "your field here" to 0
end closecard

will do the trick :-)

> Barry Barber


Klaus Major
klaus at

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