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one invaluable tool will be altFont by Altuit. Its an external for  
mac and windows machines that allow you to load fonts without the  
need to install them. With altFont you can store your unicode font  
into a custom prop and load on runtime.

their page is 

it's specially useful for people working with custom fonts that don't  
know if their users will be savvy enough to know to install fonts or  
if they will have the administrator password for doing that.


On Oct 13, 2006, at 5:08 AM, Adrian Williams wrote:

> Is anyone interested in scripting for using a Unicode font?
> The custom font may have up to 14000 characters.
> 255 Standard chars.
> The remainder are Latin characters with attached joining strokes,
> stored in the "Japanese" or the some "Other" Language part of the  
> font.
> Font/scripts will be used to 'join' English words.
> A graphic example of the main function is shown here...
> From the Users perspective...
> Text is entered into A4/US Letter sized field.
> As each character is entered, it 'joins' to the previous char.
> After any text has been entered, User may go back and place
> insertion point anywhere in the text and correct a spelling and
> the word will re-join correctly.
> Script efficiency is important to reduce screen flicker while  
> processing
> each char. A small flicker is acceptable, but not a long delay.
> I will develop the interface and font(s) in Rev Studio.
> I need a Rev. scriptor to create the 'joining' portion.
> Just for a few joining characters to prove/test above requirements.
> I will spend the long hours/days/months creating the font characters
> then entering their Unicode/HTML/Decimal??? values in the script.
> If interested, please contact me and I will furnish more information.
> Many thanks,
> Adrian
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