blendlevel magic

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Fri Oct 13 03:58:31 EDT 2006


I just discovered a way to cool trick with blendlevels and (list)fields.
You can have multicolored hilitedLines for a field. No problem.
No special coding neccesary, you just set the hilitedLines of 2 flds
a top of each other. That's all.

Create 2 flds same size on top of each other. Set the opaque of the top 
one to false
Put as many empty lines in the bottom one as you have lines of text in 
the top one.
Now set the hiliteColor of the 2 flds to something different, let's say 
one is
bright blue and the other is quite red. Next set the blendlevel of the 
fld to somewhere between 30 and 70% also play with the inks.
(a nice one is for instance bothl blendlevels 0 and ink for the bottom 
layer to bitwise scrCopy
and the ink for the top one to arithmic blend)
Anyway now set the hilitedLines of the base fld, the one with the empty 
to lets say 1, 2 and of the top fld to 2,3. Now we have 3 differently 
colored lines.
Sync the 2 flds up and you can have magic, Heck you can do it with 3 
flds aswell.

Alternating colored lines, it's easy. Except for syncing the scroll of 
the 2 fld's,
no extra code necessary. Neat, ...   ...   very neat.

Happy coding you guys and gals


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