Where to Save Downloads -- Best Practice?

Signe Marie Sanne signe.sanne at roman.uib.no
Fri Oct 13 03:16:41 EDT 2006

> So, what should one do? I guess the options are to use "Application  
> Support"
> On the Mac and some such similar special directory on Windows.
> If I'm right, then what is it?
> What we need is the standard, "for-sure-to-work"
> location for saving the file to, such that it can be
> successfully written, immediately, by script control
>  without prompting  the user to pick a directory and name the file.
> i.e. the default "guaranteed for-sure-exists and is read -- write"  
> directories
> for each platform.

Hello Katirswami,
I'm not sure if this already has been suggested to you, but did you  
try specialFolderPath(26)? This saves to "C:/Documents and Settings/ 
MyUserId/Application Data/" which usually is open.

Signe Marie Sanne

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