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Thanks Mark! That's why I wrote "it has to be adjusted" ;-) 
Best wishes 
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Thursday, October 12, 2006, 2:47:28 AM, you wrote: 
> This is how your image tag might look like for a slideshow of 15 images: 
> img src="im1.jpg" 
> name="thisIm" 
> alt="Click to change image" 
> galleryimg="no" 
> onclick="if (i<=15) {i++}; else {i=1}; thisIm.src='im'+i+'.jpg';" 
> The script still has to be adjusted for Non MSIE browsers, current version

> works on MSIE. 
The reason it doesn't work on non-msie browsers is that it's 
badly-formed javascript. I really don't understand why people have a 
reluctance to declare variables. Here's the same thing working on any 
javascript-enabled browser. All I did was declare the variable. 
<script language=javascript> 
var i; 
function changeImage() 
if (i < 15) 
i = 1; 
<img src="Assets/im15.jpg" 
alt="click to change image" 
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