Unwanted Explicit variables set to true?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Thu Oct 12 11:43:47 EDT 2006

In Constellation, the explicitvars prefs setting on the edit window 
did NOT track the Rev IDE setting in preferences. That's what I 
reported to you as 'strange behavior' several months ago. I think I 
may have gotten an update that had that checkbox set, as I know I 
didn't set it. Anyway that removal was one of the simplifications 
that resulted in Galaxy.

>In Galaxy (and I believe in Constellation) the explicit vars 
>property is only set during a compile, and then it is set according 
>to the explicit var setting that is "attached" to the object being 
>compiled. This is a Galaxy/Constellation convention.
>SO...I don't think it's entirely accurate to say Constellation or 
>Galaxy has its own setting, but rather the object itself. Small 
>difference, but an important one.
>Jerry Daniels

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