Unwanted Explicit variables set to true?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Thu Oct 12 11:23:57 EDT 2006

I had this problem and found out it was Constellation, it has it's 
own settings for explicitvariables. But you didn't mention it, I know.

>Hmmm.  Recently, 2.7.2 on OS X started to behave as if 
>explicitvariables was set to true.  Perfectly functioning scripts 
>opened in the editor would generate unquoted literal errors and 
>moaning about undeclared variables.
>I today moved to 2.7.4, confident that the problem would go away, 
>but it hasn't  -  'put the explicitvariables' in the message box 
>returns false.  Setting it to false changes nothing.
>I found nothing on this in the archives since 2003.  Que pasa?
>Best Wishes,
>David Glasgow
>Carlton Glasgow Partnership

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