Is this weird or is it me?

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Oct 12 09:46:06 EDT 2006

On 10/12/06 2:43 AM, "Robert Brenstein" <rjb at> wrote:

> Can of worms IMHO. I believe the current behavior is fine. It is
> predictable, easily explained, and consistent among all objects.

Well, that's my problem with it... it was *not* predictable (at least not
for me and a few others here), which is why it caught me by surprise that
this was happening. What would have been predictable for me would be that it
acted consistently with other xTalk environments.

In any event, for me it's a "gotcha" that I now know about, and it *is*
consistent within Rev, and easily explained. I'll know to code around it in
the future...

> may catch someone by a surprise once a while but that is part of
> learning.

You're absolutely right, Robert... part of learning...


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