Is this weird or is it me?

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu Oct 12 03:48:05 EDT 2006

On 12 Oct 2006, at 04:47, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 10/11/06 10:41 PM, "Mark Wieder" <mwieder at> wrote:
>> I'm with Trevor (and some other folks, too, I guess). If you disabled
>> a control and it *still* swallowed mouseclicks then that wouldn't
>> exactly be disabled, no?
> I guess it depends on how you define "disabled"... I don't define  
> disabled
> as "transparent", but "inert". Meaning that it acts like any other  
> button
> you click that is disabled - nothing happens.

I would have expected behaviour as Ken describes. I don't think it's  
a case of "swallowing" mouseClicks, but of passing them on through  
the hierarchy, e.g. to card, to stack, etc. That would be the same as  
if you clicked on any visible opaque object (button, image, card,  
field, etc.) that had no mouse event handlers.

However, as I wasn't aware of current behavior, I obviously have  
never had a need for this, and I wouldn't want to break people's  
stacks over it.

(I notice on OS X that disabled buttons are partly transparent.  
Perhaps just part of the mouseUp should pass through to the object  
behind. :-))


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