Multimedia Software and Required Players

Greg Smith brucegregory at
Thu Oct 12 01:48:39 EDT 2006

One thing that seems to be a rule is that the less expensive the  
multimedia software is, the more likely you will need a "player"  
application to run the files.  Only the most expensive software seems  
to allow building true executables.

Out of all of the QuickTime authoring software I've had the pleasure  
to investigate, MovieWorks is the best value, but the QuickTime  
movies it generates are not interactive.  The "player" documents that  
it generates are interactive, very much so, but they do require both  
a player application and QuickTime to work.  And I don't think there  
is any way to copy protect these "applications".  I also have no idea  
how you would integrate an e-commerce solution from within.

Ezedia produces similar results with similar limitations.  Anybody  
have specific experiences with either of these apps?

Greg Smith

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