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Thu Oct 12 01:15:07 EDT 2006

Yes, one wants to avoid thousands of small .html files, maintenance and 
future change
requests would become a nightmare. iView does that and it scares me...

I would like to see the data repository be nothing more than.


(A model I'm already using on a front end of the production process, where
photo shoots are coming in remote correspondents and I
run script over the folder and bingo: web page...

I'm thinking iFrame should work.

(the slide show wants to be embedded in the web page
if at all possible)

I've heard iFrame was deprecated, but it works really well.
I am also using now an iFrame that calls a Rev CGI which
returns a small html chunk.

For all the hype that AJAX gets... I don't see how this
differs from AJAX. (please enlighten me there if you care  to...)
Anyway you cook it, your web server must

a) get a request
b)  run a some process ("CGI") and
c) return data to the client/browser

whether some of that process resides client side or server side doesn't 
seem to
change the equation all that much.. but I'm a total NOOB about AJAX...

Anyway... iFrame is so simple:

<iframe name="archiveIndex" border="0" width="130" height="140" 

I'm thinking I can take this model and drive a slide show through a 
bigger rect on the web page.



Stephen Barncard wrote:
> Yes, I used this technique for years with my slide shows for CSN, etc.
> Works great. No server side stuff at all. I used Hypercard to create the 
> HTML text files to drive this.
> example:
> I used this system until Open Source app Gallery got real good.
> The problem is that it generates a lot of text files to do the job, but 
> for a few galleries, it worked great.
> With the  CSN site it got way out of hand with thousands of photos. The 
> flaw is relying on the file system to do this.
>> Jan-
>> I'd probably opt for something even simpler - this will show a slide
>> for five seconds, then move on to the next. No programming needed:
>> <html>
>> <head>
>> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="5;URL=MySlideShow/slide2.html">
>> </head>
>> <body>
>> <img src="slide1.jpg">
>> </body>
>> </html>
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